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As an industry leader, EPC has provided nearly $1 billion of benefits and countless new and exciting opportunities for employers and their employees. See our News Articles and Client List for more information.


EPC specializes in implementing early buy-out severance programs. EPC develops plans to help employers reduce costs, yet avoid more difficult budget cuts.

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Get current account information, Change of Address forms, Change of Beneficiary Forms and more.

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Get Billing Summaries, Employee Rosters, check Counseling Sign-ups and more.

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Eligible Candidates

Review and update account information, schedule appointments to explore options.

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No-Cost Feasibility Study

EPC has a proven track record with more than 300 cases throughout the U.S.

Contact Us to learn more, or ask for a no-cost Early Buy-Out Feasibility Study to find out about the opportunities we can bring to you.